Illuminate Student Ministries

Illuminate student ministries is a thriving community for junior and senior high students.

We value our church’s slogan, “Relaxed, but Real.” We try to create an atmosphere where literally anybody and everybody can come and feel included, loved, and heard. Our focus is helping young people learn how to connect with Jesus in a deeper and more personal way. And we enjoy tackling some very tough topics that are current in our world today.

Each Wednesday evening will have the same feel, but we try to change it up and keep it fresh. We enjoy our snack time of goodies and music, a possible adventurous or funny game and the time where we “circle up” and have an open discussion or a teaching on certain relevant topics. One of the most fun times we have is when we open up the night with a “Panel”. This is where certain leaders and teen leaders will sit up front while any of the youth write down any questions they have and put them in a bucket and the panel takes a jab at them. It is a ton of fun.

Our ultimate desire for anyone that comes through Illuminate is that they will walk out of there having met a new friend, had a really fun time, and connected with God in a way they might not have before. This can look different for everyone. Each person is on their own journey, and we want to be stepping stones in guiding them along the right way. Being able to pour into these teens from grades 6th to 12th every Wednesday night has been one of the most incredible experience we have been a part of.

Grant & Amy Bradsen, Student Ministries Staff

We strive to keep parents in the loop with open communication and frequent informative e-mails. Our goal is to come alongside families and be a support and helping hand in guiding these teens through the sometimes tumultuous adolescent years. Please come check us out at least once!

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Phone: Grant-203.824.2300 or Amy-203.506.9251

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